Transforming experiences with Media Technologies

It’s our mission to transform how people capture and share their moments through intelligent audio, imaging and video technologies. We help our customers enhance consumer experiences through branded technology solutions.


Superior consumer experience with high resolution spatial sound capture and audio focus.

Imaging & Video

Rich & advanced image quality, storage and distribution solutions.


OZO Audio

Spatial Audio capture with Audio Focus

OZO Audio accurately captures high-resolution spatial audio, mimicking how the human ear hears and interprets sound. Audio focus takes it to the next level by allowing consumers to focus and amplify sounds in any direction.

HEIF Solution

Advancing the next generation of image storage and distribution

Now is the time to elevate image storage and distribution capabilities to the next level, and the Nokia HEIF read/write engine for high-compression image storage is ready to go.


OZO Platform

Extending the OZO Platform

The pioneering OZO VR camera and software solution is now open to the ecosystem. This includes licensing the industry leading OZO Live software, opening up the OZO Deliver specification to allow industry partners to support best-in- class VR experiences, and continue to make significant contributions towards format standardizations, such as MPEG OMAF specification and point cloud compression.

News and Blogs

Helping consumers tell immersive stories with OZO Focus

Where user-generated content is king, give smartphones users the controls they need to create content that is true-to-life  

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NAB Show highlights why cameras need better audio

Content production show demonstrates the need for a more immersive audio experience to bring videos to life.

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Grab the attention your videos deserve with great sound

Learn how OZO Audio can help you capture life’s moments that engages viewers and makes them feel like they’re there with you in the moment.

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Juho Sarvikas

Chief Product Officer, HMD Global


OZO audio means that we can capture audio and play it back just as you would have heard it live. Nokia's exclusive acoustic algorithms deliver a truly immersive audio experience, previously only available to Hollywood directors and music producers.